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Logan KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO Liner with 6 Standard Clips
The Chelsea Liner folds to the size of a small pillow and can be easily stored in your vehicle until you need it
Explains the sizing for the Logan Liner
The Logan Liner.  The liner expands to whatever size you need
The bungee straps hold the deeper Logan Liner opened while you are loading
The Logan Liner with 4 bales of hay loaded in a medium size SUV
Once loaded you remove the clips and close the liner up.  The liner will conform whatever you have loaded
Logan Liner showing all the hay debris contained after unloading
After unloading remove the clips and pull the liner out
Walk away from your vehicle and shake the debris from the inside of the liner
After hauling 4 bales of hay there is no debris when using the Keep It Clean Cargo Liner!
Clips that are included with each liner
Logan KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO Liner with 6 Standard Clips

Logan KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO Liner with 6 Standard Clips

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Our deepest liner, The Logan KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO liner is designed to expand deep into the cargo area of your SUV with the seats folded down (if needed).  The difference in the size of our 2 liners is the depth.

If you haul large and small loads this is the liner for you.  Because it is deeper it can be used for large loads or if you are hauling a small load it can be folded to conform to the space needed.  If you have objects in your cargo area just push them to the side.  You can still use your liner in the space left available.

The Logan Liner works well for medium and large SUV's. It expands to approx. 3.5 ft. width x 2.5 ft. height x 5 ft. depth (approx. 50 cubic ft. of supplies).  

Our deepest liner the Logan will hold 4 to 6 bales of hay or supplies utilizing the same space. 

Works with Medium to Large SUV's

Includes 6 clips, 2 bungee attachments & straps