Haul messy supplies in your cherished vehicle with no worries!

Keep it Clean Cargo Liner

If you are a busy person who loves to use your vehicle to haul messy things but you hate to soil the interior of your vehicle the Keep it Clean Cargo Liner is perfect for you.

The liner is made of a heavy grade, reinforced plastic material that is water resistant and pliable. It is durable and can be used time and time again. It folds up to the size of a small pillow to store easily.

It fits up into the back of SUV's or the trunk of a car totally containing any messy supplies leaving your vehicle spotless with no cleanup needed.

If needed the cargo area or trunk need not be totally empty as the pliable liner will lay up against the other objects protecting the interior of your vehicle while containing the messy supplies within the liner.

Haul hay, alfalfa, plants, soil, shavings, mulch, rocks, firewood, beach gear, sporting gear etc.!

Because the liner is like a pouch it protects not only the bottom but the sides and top of the interior of your vehicle making it possible to load lots of supplies.

Clips and straps are included with each liner and are used to seal off the interior of your vehicle when loading and unloading. When in transit the clips are removed and the liner is closed up with the straps provided. The top of the liner lays lightly over your supplies so your view is not impaired while in transit.

After unloading just pull the liner out! No cleanup needed!

Carol Dierhoff says " You will love, love, love your Keep it Clean Cargo Liner!"

Use your Keep it Clean Cargo Liner to haul anything! Keep your vehicle like new!

Two size Liners to choose from.  The Chelsea and the Logan.

Two Liners to choose from:

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"What a great idea!"

Hauling Messy Items in Your SUV or Car Trunk is a Breeze when using the KEEP IT CLEAN CARGO Liner

Great for Car Trunks too!

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Why I Came Up with the Keep it Clean Cargo Liner

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